Breathe in Balance


“Take a breath.”

“Remember to breathe.”

Anne’s path to breathwork started at a time in her life when she felt she could barely breathe … when her maternal grandmother passed away just shy of 92. They were very close and this was her first, profound life’s loss. In loss, there can also be learnings. For Anne, her grandmother’s passing was the start Anne’s journey to develop a personal understanding of herself, life and death’s meaning and more. This started deep conversations with friends, intensive reading, classes with spiritual teachers and exploration into meditation, and more.

As she explored, she learned that anything from action to acceptance to stillness can allow you to see the gifts that life can bring.

In 2018, she published a book, dedicated to her family, about her learnings through the loss of her mother and father. The best-selling book, “To Die For: The Gifts of Being Present Through Loss and Grief,” was a catalyst in her life and inspired her to find ways to help those suffering from grief, loss and stress. It was a key driver for her desire to become a Breathwork Coach. (

She is a certified Breathwork Coach since 2023 and is passionate about using her love of breathwork to help those that are stressed and looking to find a way to shift in the most positive, simple way. She will be expanding her practice to be of targeted assistance to those who are looking to heal from loss and grief and to provide solace to those in the hospice field.

She is inspired today by breathwork, her family, a love of gardening and cooking, a sense of curiosity and deep love of nature.

My Passion

I experimented with many different things along my self awareness journey. I looked for practices and modalities that could help me reduce stress, understand myself more, and shed things that no longer benefit me.  There are many powerful tools out there to help … yoga, meditation, Reiki, sound therapy, exercise, floatation tanks and more.  On a spiritual retreat, shortly after I had published my book, “To Die For,” on grief, I had the opportunity to experience a class on Conscious Connected Breathwork.  Just the first session was so profound for me, I knew I had to use it more myself.  As I used this technique myself, my desire grew into wanting to share this with others.  

Breath plays such an important role in our lives.  Our breath patterns, and the quality of our breath, are distinctly different when we are stressed or at ease, happy or sad, excited or down, healthy or ill, relaxed or fearful. Inhaling is the first thing we do when we are born and exhaling is the last thing we do before we pass away.  It is the breaths in between that count the most.  

I am passionate about helping you to reconnect with your breath and seeing how powerful and transformational it can be for you.  What I like most about this method of breathwork is that it is efficient and effective.  Although a session is usually booked for 90 minutes, we are actively breathing for about 30 minutes with no breath holds.  Time and again, I am seeing massive experiences with those that attend my sessions and that is what I find the most rewarding thing about Conscious Connected Breathwork.

My Goals

I envision making breathwork accessible so that people can reduce their stress. If you can reduce your stress, not only is it a very kind and healthy thing to do for yourself, but it could also be a key step in your journey to be your best Self.

Breathwork can be accessible through being:

  • available
  • easy to do
  • effective 

I am now offering classes in-person and on-line via Zoom. 

Personalized sessions are available and can be for just you, a couple or a group. 

As this breathwork practice becomes more familiar to my community, I will be offering classes with key goals in mind like Centering and Growth, Healing your Heart through Loss and Grief, Creating Space for Acceptance, Setting Yourself Up for Success and more.

I will also be offering Breathwork Sessions in Energy Enhancement Systems across the country. These will be posted on my Events page.

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